We have carefully reviewed the images of the Homestead as per your request, and I’ve identified a few technical issues related to photography. One crucial aspect of real estate photography is ensuring that the building lines are straight and not skewed. This skewing often occurs due to the incorrect positioning of the camera at an angle. We’ve rectified some of these issues, and you can observe the improvements in the before-and-after slider.

In lodge photography, the emphasis should not solely be on showcasing the vast size of the rooms. Instead, it’s essential to highlight the key features that will attract potential guests. In our edits, we’ve focused on bringing out these features rather than emphasizing the expansiveness of the rooms. Additionally, we’ve enhanced the colors and performed some sky replacements to create a more inviting atmosphere in the photos.

The walls are very skew in this image. We made the walls straight, lifed the shadows, removed the floor reflection and removed the light switches for a cleaner look. We would have also positioned the hat and bag in front of the bed and the gowns on the bed. Alot of overseas countries especially the Italian market believe a hat on the bed will bring bad luck.

There is a lot of empty space in this photo that does not sell the room. We have reduced the space a little, made the walls straight (as you can see the cupboards are skew) and lifted the colours a little.

The crop of the image is incorrect. The curtains add no value to the photo so we removed them and also zoomed in on the photo cutting off some of the stairs. The walls are skew so we straighted them also and lifted the colour

Personally, we don’t like the angle of the photo – we would have gotten a bit lower down. The dull sky does not make it look inviting and the wood is used wood with no fire. We added in a new sky and fire.

The sky is very dull and does not make the photo inviting. The dark areas also does not show what is there. We replaced the sky but the shadows lifted does not look great as a flash in the area would have resolved it.

The sky is dull, a sky replacement will do the photo wonders. Also no lights on in the house making it very dark. The grass in front of the image is to much so we reduced and cropped into the image. Building is skew so we fixed it and straighted the walls.

Changed the sky to make it more lively. There also should have been lights on inside with a flash going off. We tried to lift the shadows but there is no details to pick up so not much we could do there.

The photographer’s reflection is in the shower door as well as the other bathroom image. Nothing fixed on the image.

Here are some images i took during our amazing time at Kapama. Please note that this was not a “planned” shoot so some of the angles and also informing the team out on safari that marketing shots will be taken would result in a greater impact on the images.